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Raw and Derived Data Files

Raw and derived files generated by C-CoMP will ultimately be stored in at least two separate locations (local and cloud-based). Raw files should never be manipulated or modified to preserve their integrity (they should be ‘read-only’).
  1. 1.
    Computer or server in lab of origin
  2. 2.
    Domain repository
    1. 1.
      MetaboLights - LC-MS metabolomics
    2. 2.
      ProteomeXchange - LC-MS proteomics
    3. 3.
      Metabolomics workbench (and others) - NMR metabolomics
    4. 4.
      Sequence Read Archive - Sequencing
This is to ensure that 1) there are multiple back-ups, 2) C-CoMP members have access to the raw and derived files for each sub-project to facilitate collaboration, 3) data is publicly accessible on domain repositories and linked to metadata on BCO-DMO.
Instructions for submitting raw and derived files (if applicable) follow this section. Please submit raw and derived (if applicable) files in this proposed order.